3 reasons why autumn is the ideal time to sell a house

So, when is the ideal time to sell a house?

It’s a question we ask ourselves year after year and all the articles we read mention different seasons. But why do we never hear that autumn being the ideal time? Autumn boasts beautiful coloured landscapes, cool temperatures and is the perfect time of year for visiting the local cafes. But what we don’t hear is that it is also a great time to sell your home!

There is a common belief that spring is the best time of the year to sell your home. While spring offers warmer weather, flower-lined streets and more houses on the market then there are clouds in the sky – autumn offers some major sales benefits which could make this season the better time to sell. Here’s why...

Christmas is done and dusted!

When autumn arrives, those who have taken extended Christmas holidays are now home. Buyers have had time to rethink their circumstances, do their due diligence on the market, and set this year’s resolutions. Buyers now have an idea on what they want and are confident in their choices – they’re now serious about buying. During the more overpopulated selling seasons – buyers can become hesitant and slightly overwhelmed. Their ‘must have’ lists are checked off by multiple homes making it harder to narrow the field. Yes, we see more buyers but they are not always ready to commit to one house when there are 3 more that they also like.

The competition is low…

There is one this we know for sure about selling real estate – as a seller you want there to be fewer properties on the market then there are buyers. Why? During spring and summer, the market becomes flooded with properties, this creates a seller’s worst nightmare - a buyers market. In autumn, the market sees fewer properties available, creating less competition and greater chances of successfully selling your home.

Reliable weather – at least for Brisbane’s standards.

Autumn usually showcases clear skies and steady temperatures – which is hard to come by in Brisbane. Buyers may opt for staying home with our sweltering heats in summer or the torrential storms we experience at a moments notice. When the weather is calm and cool buyers can take their time to view and enjoy your home. TIP: Try creating and using autumn themed décor throughout the property. Match these warm colours with cinnamon scented candles to make the house feel warm and cozy.

Also, consider this…

If autumn is the ideal season to sell your property is dependent on a few things – what type of property you have, the neighbourhood it is in and the proximity to sought after amenities. For example, living on the gold coast might make summer the ideal time for you to sell.

Keep an eye on the market. Learn the signs of a seller's market and how to tell if supply vs demand is swinging in your favour.

Make sure you get your timing right –  if you decide to sell in autumn remember that people tend to holiday over Easter. Placing your home on the market at the start of the season will ensure the weather is at its best and the buyers are still in town.