Why Selling in Spring is a Good Idea for South East Brisbane Homeowners

Why Selling in Spring  is a Good Idea

for South East Brisbane Homeowners


Well, it is officially nearing spring in sunny South East Brisbane! Despite the chilly winds we have been getting the last few weeks, we are entering the season where things will really start to heat up. But, the heat doesn’t just apply to the temperature. Buyers and sellers begin coming out of the woodworks in spring, known as the “spring selling season,” and families are more prepared to take on a home sale or purchase. We expect that spring won’t be much different this year. For those who decide to list or sell their homes in spring 2018, they will likely see great returns as the home prices are still up year after year. Home prices in our area are actually up by 4% from this time last year, a good indicator for homeowners.

If you’ve been holding on for the “perfect time” to sell or you’re waiting for the market peak, many would suggest that the time is now. If little things like you wanting to paint the interior, or wait for your tenants’ lease to be up, or maybe you’re waiting for the kids to graduate before relocating – you may want to bite the bullet and take advantage of what’s available to sellers in South East Brisbane. According to a recent article, here are the four reasons that selling in 2018 is a great choice:


  • Buyer number are still strong and they are anxious to jump on any opportunity provided. Low inventory has pushed a lot of buyers out of the running for homes and the market simply has not been able to keep up with buyer demand.
  • Reduced stock has aided the price growth and Sellers may be selling at asking price or above, with healthy competition levels.
  • Interest rates remain at record lows, however, fewer investors are present in the market place, allowing owner occupiers a greater chance of securing a family home.
  • New school years and relocating are flooding the minds of desperate parents, as the requirement to be in the best state school catchments are growing ever more important, so is the demand for specific suburbs. For example, Mansfield State High School ranking as the second best state high school in Brisbane has seen the suburbs price growth over the last 12 months increased by a whopping 5.24%.

Selling in the Spring Season Tips & Tricks for a Quick Sale

If you’re set on taking the leap and selling your home this spring season, then consider some of these tips in getting your home prepped to attract buyers.

For one, focus on your landscaping if your trees’ leaves fell or your grass went dormant. Now is the time to plant some fresh foliage and get things turning green again. If additional plants aren’t on your agenda, then maybe some fresh mulch or pathways to appeal to low maintenance landscape lovers?

Next, take spring cleaning to the max. Go overboard with your cleaning and ensure everything is bright, fresh, aromatic, and clean as can be. Hire a professional cleaning company for maximum effectiveness. It’s easy for things to collect over the winter month. As a part of the “clearing out” process, opt to also tuck away and box up winter gear that may be taking up a lot of room in your closets or in your living areas.

The next best thing you can do to prep your home for a quick sale this spring is to make repairs expected to be uncovered in a building and pest inspection. By making pre-inspection repairs, you will be able to justify a higher asking price and will avoid scaring away buyers who are looking for homes that require no work. Approximately 80% of family buyers are seeking upgraded and move in ready properties, the last thing you want to do is rule them out. Some of the things to look at include: electrical, any mold or mildew issues, plumbing, stair/ balcony railings, roof repairs, brick cracking problems and appliance issues.

The Fastest Solution to Selling a House in Any Season

If you’re sold on selling this spring in order to take advantage of high home prices, among other benefits of selling, consider your options to do so. First, there’s the traditional method of selling with a price. This process involves a lot of prep to ensure the home is ready to market and repaired and you’ll have to keep the home in this condition for open houses and showings. The benefit of selling this route is that if your home is in good condition, you should see multiple offers (if priced right) and may even get above asking.

The next option is to sell the home via auction where you have the option to sell directly to a cash buyer. This is by far the quickest way to sell because legitimate cash buyers can settle on your property within 30 days (basically as quickly as a transaction can go). You also don’t have to worry about spending time on things leading up to the settlement: building & pest inspection, finance conditions and due diligence periods. A cash buyer will buy your home as it is, which alleviates a lot of stress and opportunity for price bartering.

Finally, KNOW YOUR COMPETITION! We can’t stress enough how important it is in today’s market to understand your competing stock. To achieve the highest price in the lowest days we recommended you ask yourself the following;


Does my home have a great street frontage?

Is my home presented better then my competition?

Has my agent provided a stronger marketing plan then my competition?

Is my presentation and marketing targeting the right buyers?

Are my price expectations achievable – am I placing my home in the market not on the market?



is the time to start

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for sale! 

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