Last chance to beat the rush...


Sellers who want to stand out shouldn’t

wait until September 1 to hang out the ‘For Sale’ sign.

Indeed, beating other vendors to the marketplace can potentially deliver a premium result for sellers as their property competes with less stock and enjoys a higher profile. It’s a simple case of supply and demand.

Across Australia, there is a shortage of properties on the market whilst buyers are still active. The result is that prices are staying steady or in some cases being pressured upwards.

Some people believe winter isn’t the optimum time to sell: some believe buyers don’t want to dirty their shoes on muddy paths or brave sleet on a cold morning.

It’s true that such inconveniences aren’t ideal, but serious buyers (the type every seller wants to connect with) are not put off by inclement weather in the pursuit of the property they want.

But before listing your property, there are some easy things which can help your property stand out and appeal to buyers.

  • Removing weeds and fixing broken pavers at the entry to your home is integral to creating that great first impression. Perhaps some attractive pot plants could provide a fresh look?
  • A thorough dusting and cleaning of windows – inside and out – will really enliven the property and provides the impression that you’re a seller who has taken pride in their residence.
  • Property styling – where you hire a specialist to bring in new furniture and adornments to create a specific style – is a very effective way of getting people to create an attachment with you home. Indeed, a survey of LJ Hooker’s top sales professionals found 83% of respondents believed styling could add over 2.5% to the property's sale price.  So if you have a property worth $500,000 if you style it properly you could increase the sale price by $25,000 – a quite handsome return.
  • Removing clutter is also an important step in attracting buyers. Not only does clutter look messy, it also prevents a prospective buyer from visualising where their furniture or beloved possessions could take place.
  • It’s always important to make repairs to noticeable defects. Leaking taps and busted light bulbs are an easy fix. If you have marked walls, fresh paint is the best way to cover blemishes and also brighten up the property.

With spring only weeks away, vendors who want to beat the traditional springtime listing rush should contact their local LJ Hooker agent today. In addition to providing an expert market update on what your property could fetch in the marketplace, your local LJ Hooker sales specialist can provide expert guidance on ways to augment your property’s appeal.