True Blue Aussies - and our heroes!


The first honour goes to Kirsty Boden. The twenty-eight year old lost her life running to help victims of the stabbing and van attack. She was fatally injured trying to save someone else's. Married to a nurse I know how taxing their daily job can be and today our thoughts and wishes go out to her family and friends.

Image result for Brett Forte.Secondly, to Brett Forte. Senior Constable Forte lost his life in the Lockyer Valley. Again, this one hit home. We have family in the region; they were unable to get through from Toowoomba safely home and that night, not knowing if they were okay was a long night. Brett Forte was a son, brother, husband and father. Thousands turned up for the funeral, for the hero who was later awarded a Valour Award. It's something else, to know that he was willing to give his life protecting his mates, his township and he is remembered.

astly, a behind-the-scenes national hero. Matt Callander, who produced The Footy Show and worked as an executive of Channel 9 NRL, has been diagnosed with stage four brain cancer. Brain cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in children and adults aged under 40 in Australia. The survival rates have not changed in the last 30 years. It's a brutal disease but one Matt isn't taking lying down. Matt's launched the Beanie for Brain Cancer campaign that linked with his footy background. Two weeks ago they were able to raise over 2 million dollars for brain cancer research.  Matt Callander aims to improve the lives of those suffering - and the ones of future survivors to increase the amount invested in brain cancer research.

At the moment the media is hard to read but these three standouts, and many others are around. We tip our hats to you and today, we honour you. Thank you.