5 ways to keep kids busy at home these holidays!

1. Handball for rainy days

Undercover, mark out a square and divide into four using chalk or duct tape.

2. Scavenger hunt

Get some paper bags and write a list of items likely to be found in the backyard or close by then send the kids off to find them.

3. Backyard twister

Lay out a string line to the size of the game you want then use four different colours of line marking spray. If you want to follow the colours of a Twister board start with a vertical row of green then yellow, blue and finally red.

4. Slip ‘n slide

For a hot day roll out a length of thick plastic and weigh it down with sandbags or something that’s not going to hurt if you slide into it. Add a paddling pool at the end to slow down enthusiastic slip ‘n sliders.

5. Learn to cook

Let them start by mixing and measuring then putting ingredients in pans or on a tray. If baking, grilling, boiling or frying is required, make sure this part is always be done by an adult.