COVID-19 - Real Estate Guide


Whether you are looking to sell, buy, or rent a property, the confusion around COVID-19 has only increased over the last few weeks. But the real estate industry managed to adjust at a rapid pace and switched to a mostly digital environment.

So what is possible or not in a COVID-19 environment? How can things be done? And who can help me? In this guide, we will look at the impact of the new restrictions on the property market and answer all the questions you might have on: 


Should i sell?

Selling your home

Can I sell my home during COVID-19?

Are all the methods of sale still available to sell my property?

What are the best ways to promote my home for sale in this environment?

How can I know how much my property is worth?

How will my real agent run home inspections?

I've heard about online real estate auctions. How do they work and are they as efficient as "in-person" auctions?

Should I wait until after COVID-19 ends to sell my home?



Should i buy

Buying a home

Can I buy a home during COVID-19?

How can I inspect a home I am interested in?

How can I make an offer on a home I would like to buy?

Is there a risk in buying a home only using online tools and resources?

Can I still get a home loan in a COVID-19 environment?

Should I wait after COVID-19 ends to buy a home?



What about my rental property?

Renting a home

What does the 6-month moratorium on evictions mean for tenants?

My work arrangement has changed. What options are available to alleviate the stress of making rental payments?

What does the 6-month moratorium on evictions mean for landlords?

How can I secure tenants during this economic downturn?

How can potential tenants inspect my property?

What is going to happen with routine inspections?



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