How To Sell Your Home For More

If you are looking to cash in on the property surge, these are the expert tips on how to get your best price.

If working from home in 2020 taught us anything, it is that we really don’t need to live within commuting distance of the office anymore. In fact, the pandemic sparked a property boom as many Australians packed up and cashed in for that sea or tree change and interest rates remained at record lows.

Now, as property prices continue to rise, experts share their best tips to maximise your sale if you are listing in 2021.

Presentation is always king

The trick for those looking to sell up is to make sure that your property looks its absolute best. "Presentation is always king". Present it well, even if it is going to be knocked down, as people may still want to rent it out while they do the plans.

First things first, clean up the garden and mow the lawns.

"Good lawns sell real estate - so, make sure the lawn is edged and tidy."


Next, declutter your home. We find that the longer people are in a house, the more stuff they have - people need to thin it out, so that buyers can walk through and envision themselves living there.  A tidy and minimalist property - inside and out - allows for potential buyers to connect emotionally to the home and imagine themselves living there.

If you present it in the best light, it will give you the best opportunity to get the best price.

And never forgot about a buyer’s nose... You judge a property on its smell before anything else. If the smell is bad, they won’t go any further.

Styling can boost the selling price

One way to present your property in the best light is to outsource - not just by calling in professional cleaners and gardeners - but specialist stylists too. "Styling makes people connect to the property and want to put an offer in," says Charmaine Coombes, senior property stylist at Coco Republic in Sydney.

"By styling, clients can exceed their reserve price by 20 to 30 per cent if there’s more than one buyer."

A stylist’s main goal is to give each room a purpose. "If there is a playroom, we might set it up as a TV room or home office so that it has broader appeal beyond a young family," she says.

Often this can be as simple as moving pieces around. "People have great pieces but they’re not working in the space they’re in," she explains, "while other rooms can be great but it just needs a rug and some cushions."

One key consideration, adds Charmaine, is lighting. "We’ll try and lighten up a room - maybe there’s a feature wall that is dated so we’ll repaint it a lighter colour or it just needs loose styling items, like lighting or mirrors."


"Empty rooms don’t sell houses," says Charmaine. "You’ve only got one opportunity to make a good first impression."

Charmaine’s top style tips

  • Declutter your home
  • Make each room have a "purpose"
  • Use real plants
  • Focus on the master bedroom, living room, dining and entertaining - these are key areas buyers are interested in
  • Lighten up a room where possible - either with fresh paint or lamps.


Your real estate agent can also advise you on how to style your home for sale and make the most of the space your home offers. Book a free property appraisal today to get more decluttering tips and much more precious advice to maximise your selling price.


Is Your Home Sale Ready?

There is no right time to sell a property - it really comes down to your own circumstances. However, when you know the facts about the value of your most important asset you can make smarter decisions that more positively affect your current and future financial wellbeing.

A property appraisal is an easy, informal and essential process if you’re thinking about selling, or just curious about the value of your most important asset.  Who knows, the appraisal results may even surprise you.