One Week to Moving Day Checklist

The big moving day is almost finally here! Likely, you are probably feeling a mix of emotions from anxiety and excitement through to impatience for the day to arrive. You’re probably running on little sleep too, so don’t pack the coffee machine into the removal box just yet.
Here are some last-minute jobs you may have overlooked that are essential to make the move as smooth and stress-free as possible.  

Confirm with your movers

Things are likely to have been pretty crazy lately, but nothing would be worse than waiting for a removalist van that never arrives. So whether you have friends and family helping, using professionals or both, make sure you check in to reconfirm the time and date of the move.

Last-minute logistics

Here is a list of the essential - and some not so obvious – tasks that need ticking off before you close the front door on your old home forever.

  • * Head to the post office and arrange for your mail to be redirected.
  • * Cancel or rearrange any regular domestic services such as a gardener or cleaner.
  • * Cleaning the house for the next occupants is not just good manners, but often a legal requirement. You may want to book a professional for this job.
  • * Check all necessary repairs and alterations to your old home will be finished by moving day, such as painting and laying carpets.
  • * If you are moving out of an apartment, let your neighbours know of the date and apologise for any disruptions you may cause. An easy way is to put up a message on a notice board.
  • * You may also be required to cover the inside of lifts when moving in or out of an apartment. Simply check with your body corporate.
  • * Cancel any subscriptions, such as a newspaper delivery 
  • * Back up your computer – you may even want to do this on more than one device or storage system.
  • * Pack yourself a moving day survival kit (see below).  

If you have the energy

Hold a ‘house cooling’ party to say goodbye to the neighbours … plus it’s a great way to finish off any food in the pantry and freezer.

Surviving moving day

You have probably been more focused on clearing out your old home than what you will need once you arrive at your new one. Moving day is always busy and exhausting. The last thing you want to be doing when you’re tired is ripping open boxes trying to find items.
Don’t forget to keep these items close at hand.


Keep any documentation related to the new or old house in a bright folder and next to your wallet and keys. Time is a precious commodity when relocating - you don’t want to have to be opening boxes searching for your moving contract or any other essential paperwork.

Pack a small overnight bag or suitcase

No matter how great your labelling skills may be, finding boxes with the right clothes during moving day madness may not be possible. Make sure you include at least one change of clothes for each member of your family, if not two.


For peace of mind, keep all your precious items with you when you move. Whether it is jewellery, or something sentimental, you will feel better knowing it is safe. Also include important documents such as passports, car registration papers and medical records.

Toilet paper

We all know the importance of toilet paper – so throw a four-pack in the car ready to put into your new bathroom.

Basic toiletries

At the end of moving day, you will want (and need) a hot shower. So pack a special bag of essential items such as toothbrushes, tissues, deodorant, shampoo or soap in the car. Don’t forget to keep some towels separate – you don’t want to have to search for them in a box late at night.  


A small toolkit containing a utility knife, scissors, screwdriver, Allen keys and a hammer can be a lifesaver when reassembling furniture and beds. Try and video yourself dismantling items - this can be invaluable in putting them back together.

Cleaning supplies

No matter how clean your new property is when you move in, you will want to clean it again to make it yours. Some helpful items include paper towels, wipes, surface spray, sanitiser, window cleaner, toilet brush, loads of cleaning rags and sponges. It is also a good idea to take the vacuum cleaner with you instead of with the removalist.

Eating essentials

We are not just talking about water and snacks to get you through the move. If your utilities haven’t been turned on yet at your new home, you will need to take some bottled water. Keep out some plates, forks, spoons, a few cups, mugs and of course, the kettle. Pick up some basics such as eggs, cereal, milk and bread on-route.

Electronic chargers

After a day of moving, your mobile phone and other important devices may be low on power. So make sure you keep the charges close by should you need to ring your real estate agent or maybe pizza delivery.

Bedtime supplies 

When packing your removalist boxes, be sure to create one labelled ‘first night’. Load it up with sheets, pillows and blankets for each bed. You could also include some PJs in there. Don’t forget your kids’ favourite sleep toy. This will also make them feel secure spending their first night in new surroundings. 

Kids toys and games

Youngsters may not be as excited as everyone else about setting up the new home. This is not the time to fret about screen time. Charge up those devices and download movies or games. Empty moving boxes or bubble wrap can be a lot of fun.

Give the kids crayons, textas or sticky tape and let their imagination run wild with some of your discarded packaging. You might be able to recruit older kids to help out with a few jobs – especially if you are paying some pocket money.  

Medical kit

Be sure to have a first aid kit on standby and to pack any prescription medications.

Day of the move

 Say goodbye to your old home 

Take time to farewell your old home before things get too busy. Children, in particular, need closure. Walk through the property, recall fun memories and talk about all the fun you’ll have in your new place.

Work with your movers 

Assist your movers by identifying fragile or large items right away. Supervise – without being intrusive – as they load everything into the truck. You will be signing off to confirm everything has been completed, so you need to be sure.

Final Check

Before the movers drive off, do one last check through the property to make sure you haven’t missed anything. Take one final look around before walking out the door. It’s very normal to feel emotional about moving house. Then switch your thoughts to your new property and starting the next chapter in your life.

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